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Habu’s Temple. Luxor, Egypt


Ill-tempered Sky

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Egypt, photography
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Splatter of redness upon the sky of Egypt

The deserts of Egypt

Off I go. Chasing you, and the sun, beyond a purple horizon… 

Written pleasures

When people fail you, words serve you best.

The past three years have turned me into a woman whose emotional satisfaction is rather fulfilled through her mental intellect.

Quote, myself.

I have a lust for books, for there’s nothing that beats the smell of these old yellow pages. Sedating.

Because any attempt to study while having Smoke around is an epic fail!

An organized mess of mine


A long way to go

Posted: September 28, 2012 in photography, Randoms, Weirdness
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Our little new friend

Had it been easier, if only we were so little. So tiny and minute… So insignificant?

I honestly have no idea how my friends and I spotted that. And for some reason, as awkward, random, and pointless as this is, we managed to establish a weird bond with what has become our new friend… For a fraction of a second.