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A long break this has been. A good one. One I was desperately in need of. I escaped. There has been a life I quit, people I ran away; to and from, a whole world I chose to leave behind. I thought it would help me keep my mind off everything, but no. Quite the contrary, it gave way to thinking, which I eventually realized I need quite as much.

The outcome was: change. Sheer change. Blunt and bold. Drastic. I needed such solitude for such amendments to take place. And it did. And still is.

Now my break comes to an end. So does the world I have created for my own during what I could possibly refer to as: spiritual rehab. I am reintroducing myself, once more, into this life. I am reintegrating myself, or rather, the newer version of myself.

Change is good. It feels better, stronger, and if possible, much much more certain and mature. Throughout this time, I’ve found peace. my thoughts ripened.

Change. It’s not over. And that’s the challenge now; to maintain the outcome of a rough time.

Putting up my genuine 15 inch smile, I start over.


Book and Tiles

Another bright morning. Bright. So bright. Irritatingly bright. Home is quite but for some rattles here and there.I walk to the empty living room. AC is on; Good. Back to my bedroom. Morning rituals done. The floor is cold, ice cold. My toes seem to like the ticklish feeling. I grab my books. A series of glances followed. a doubtful one at the couch, then to the floor tiles on which the light slipped, back to the couch then once again at the tiles. No, this time I am not jumping onto the couch. The floor tiles are much more welcoming.

For today, nothing has served me better than the coldness of the floor tiles and a good read under a synthetic breeze of the AC.

Salzburg – Austria

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Ras Sadur, Egypt


Calm, quiet and desserted. She sunk into the sand, laid down, and stared at the masterpiece before her.

Numb; seemed as though she was. Noises were now fading…. Quieter than before, barely heard in exchange for swishes, howls and rattles. The waves that sneaked from beneath her feet, pleaded to be loaded by whatever she felt like parting with, and carry them away; back to that not so far spliced horizon.

Nebelhorn, Deutschland

I stood;  a rush of air blowing the life compacted in my brain away.  I tiptoed, as though my fingertips could slide through the fluff  above my head. I tiptoed, until I stood at a the verge… I stared; at the rocks beneath me, at the fluff floating over me, then once again back at the world underneath me. I lost myself… to myself. A rush of air, this time, blew me away. I was on top of the world; closer to sky than to Earth.

Seine River – Paris, France

I’ve never realized how the lights around us could become magnificently beautiful, never thought how their simplicity could reflect sheer beauty until I’ve stopped to witness how water, in all its forms, and lights, with all their intensities could make a perfect couple!


Midnight. I stood by that bridge on the edge of the Siene River, Paris. Didn’t seem that dark to me. Definitely not. These  lights lit the bridge and the entire spot. Their rays shattered and scattered on the rippling waves of black which reflected a pattern of ultimate beauty to be interrupted by a vivid beam of colours soaring from a cruising boat. This left me staring (…and licking that ice cream I had in hand. One of the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had, honestly 🙂 ).

That was the masterpiece. An art of shadows, lights, and water to keep gazing and smiling at. It got even colder a while later. Chilling actually. I havent had enough yet, or maybe I have, but I still wanted more. My feet were sore for I’d been walking for nearly two hours. There were the stairs. I sat down, stretched, and looked up to the sky. Lights were all around me.

Now I get why they call it ‘The City of Lights’, It’s far more beautiful at night than it is during daytime!