Exam results and the  tension it brings!

Posted: August 14, 2010. By Mostafa Ahmed.

So, we have all been waiting for the results to come out from their underground burrow for months. Finally, today is the day. Through the mist and darkness. Something was moving forward. Towards the screaming, inpatient crowd. THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN UNVEILED!

Such a happy moment that was for some, yet, it was the worst to be lived by others. Good results had been achieved by many. And those students, the ones that thought it was a piece of cake, got their unpleasant news.

No pain, no gain. This very statement has been proven right today. The day that has put the spotlight on the students who studied hard,

and the ones who thought they did…

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, quote- Albert Einstein.

The good thing is that danger in this case was not life threatening. This was the justification of the underachievers. Others found it to be life threatening, rather than just being “future” threatening. In my opinion, those results are very dangerous indeed, as they would specify the guidelines for the student forthcoming future. And that is an absolute fact.

As for me, I should be filled with joy. Weirdly, I am not. Since the early morning, after the newsbreak, I have this feeling of delusive confusion. I should have danced like Travolta in “Saturday night fever” when I heard my good results. Instead, I preformed an Indian rain dance. At least I suppose it was.
Lucky me this did not last long, because I realized that no matter how much upset I am, the past wont change, and all I had to say was, “Thank God!” .
My departure from planet DISTURBED was supported by my very close friends and family. They were by my side through out the whole trip. Nevertheless, my self-confidence played an essential part to get me back to reality. To the world where perfection doesn’t exist. Where no sadness lives forever. Where no happiness is infinite. Home sweet home…

As I Tap into Me…

Posted: August 11, 2010. By Mostafa Ahmed.

I have been thinking about this for years, and the more I think about it the more agonizing it gets. I thought it might seem a bit too personal to write about. But then, I realized it’s not. Every one must have been through this at least once in their life.

It has changed the way I treated others. Consequently, people started to treat me differently. Anger, jealousy and melancholic thoughts had consumed my body and none was left behind. Only ashes of hope. Enlightenment through this road of despair, perhaps delusion, was what I sought, and success required a huge leap of faith which I feared to take. Plausibly it was the fear of losing everything and fall in the abyss of the unknown, with no friends, no family and no one to care about me..

With no life.

I believe I am passing through the final stages of the rehabilitation process to finally reach tranquility which is an arm length away. The anguish and pain shall end up soon, and then, the annihilation of this cancerous feeling would be considered successful.You are probably wondering what issue might cause all this. Well, I would prefer to let the serpent of curiosity entangle its body around your neck…;)


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