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Of words and water

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Words surfed. I floated on its stream.
Words flowed, I rippled.

The words I carried rather carried me.
And we kept flowing… Pouring me out of myself.

Lighter, I became. Emptier, I drained.

From a waterfall, free falling
Into oceans of ink.

My words dripped, so did I.
Until it was all too heavy.

My words and I drowned.



Stare; into and through me.

Stare, as your eyes outline my existence.

Recollect pieces of a scattered me, as you trace the edges of myself into a premises that only your chasing eyes define.

Draw me out of myself and into you, as I fall…

From the deepest pits of my nothingness, into the deepest pits of yourself.

Embrace, a restless me to the rest of your arms.

Fill me in, as you fill the spaces between my fingers.


As two heartbeats synchronize into one.


As I stare…

Into where I belong.

And do I not speak of what I feel?

For words gone trivial,

Upon the intensity inside.

Lost Dimentions

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What if…
Man never knew land.
What if…
Earth was nothing but a mere reflection of the sky.
One mesmerizing void; and we’re only floating on lost dimensions.

It lingers in its subtle shades of a fading demure. It floats, in its feeble dress of a life, called upon from the depth of the deepest pits of a restless mind. Plucked and stretched out to mask the domains of present, past and future; to merge them into one thickened blanket that overlaps the margins of time. Distorted then dissolved until timeless it becomes, dominant it grows.

Slowly it seeps, softly it creeps. Relics of a promise, manifested by the conscience of a clinging memory; one that, although vague and blurred, never fails to blatantly impose.

Stagnant silence, embraced then disrupted by a fragile reflection that defies the limits of remembrance and extends far beyond the borders of mind, dipping and dripping into the waters of desensitized emotions. A synthetic breeze of life, diffused to fill its nothingness.

And it still fights the forces of remorse salting its sweetness out, turning the lust into ache.

It falls, onto the tips of dignified despair, condensed into an evaporating mist of reminisce. Vaporized, leaving behind a pungent scent of a gradient of relinquished shadows of promises once made.

Words of a memory; outspoken.

once and never again.

Words engraved by the broken tip of a blunt blade of a memory.



Written pleasures

When people fail you, words serve you best.

The past three years have turned me into a woman whose emotional satisfaction is rather fulfilled through her mental intellect.

Quote, myself.

I have a lust for books, for there’s nothing that beats the smell of these old yellow pages. Sedating.

Time is no magic. It heals no wounds, it erases no memory.

You don’t need time.

Time is only a weak excuse for the weak. Time flies, leaves you behind, stuck in reverse; somewhere between past and present.

Time will not vaporize a feeling. It might suppress it, but never completely demolished.
Time will not vaporize a memory, unless you do it yourself.

Time is no good.

Time will not ask your questions nor dig up answers for them. Time will not explain; time will not tell. Time will only pile up your life into stacked memories, and slip away leaving you buried beneath them as they all crumble over you.

You don’t need time.

Worse it becomes with time. It doesn’t go away. No, it doesn’t. It stays, it rots within yourself, it aches and eats you away. The void grows into an abyss.

Time drains you empty.
Time is an enemy, not an ally.

Don’t wait for time to fix you up. You don’t need time to pluck the memory sown so deep into your mind. It won’t, and it never will.

Time is only a matrix where you elude along with your life and a bunch of memories that adhere.

If only they vanish along with the people who vanished.


Fear is weakness; and I’m not weak. Fear is numb, but I feel. Fear is restraint, so I decided to break free.

With every word you’re afraid to speak, there’s truth that is buried down, feelings that die out, a life that is vaporized. With every step you’re afraid to take, there’s a chance lost; once and forever; once and for all, there’s time; the wait that drives people away.

There is regret. This time, rather for what you didn’t do, what you didn’t say, for the one moment you let it slip away.

In the name of Fear, I regret… The words I was too weak to speak, the chances – from the tiniest to the biggest of them- that I was too scared to take, the life I was too fragile to hold on to, to fight for, to run after, to chase with every ounce of energy and to cherish with every heart beat.

In the name of Fear, I apologize; to myself, to people; the closest of them and the most distant, and to the world. I apologize… For escaping, for running away; for denying myself the right to exist; to feel, for hiding; from a reality I thought I was too shattered to face, too helpless to endure.

I am not.

In the name of Fear, I give up, on fear itself; on worries, on doubts.