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Tapping into History

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Egypt, Travel
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Habu Temple. Luxor Egypt

Let your children scribble on the walls; maybe one day their art will stand as mighty as this is!


Habu’s Temple. Luxor, Egypt

Somewhere, sometime, in Birmingham, UK.

Somewhere, sometime, in Birmingham, UK.

Night bids the sun farewell. From wild orange to decent purple the sky flickers until it settles under a blanket of elegant black. Stars burn out, dissolved into the void above myself. And I stare into the infinite nothingness until the lights dazzle my sight; the pavements adorned with the demure brightness of the street lamps.

A decent rush of cold air welcomes me on board. Tonight, it’s only these streets and myself…
A memory, ignited as the same streets pave their way into the alleys of my remembrance. And I recall myself walking down the same streets, breathing the same chilling air, listening to the same outrageous music of these streets fade into midnight, as they empty from all people and traffic…
I recall, an existence walking by my side, now gone. I recall, a heart enjoying the epitome of vibrant emotions, now empty. A few more steps down my way, and I recall, a soul ecstatic and alive, now barely living.
I walk, the streets are soothing. It’s quiet, they listen… To every memory that bounces upon every ignorant footstep…
l drift, and they drift along.
The night stretches, so does the streets. And endless, my walk becomes.
It’s the same people, walking down the same streets, yet their hearts exchanged for something rather different; less genuine, more detached- emptier.
I walk. I recall and recall, and the streets soothe the ache.
The night eats the passion away.
The memory escapes.
An unleashed spirit that leaves; vaporized into thin air, leaving a mist of sweet reminisce on my mind, and body.
Tonight, I’ve laid a memory to rest.

Ill-tempered Sky

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Egypt, photography
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Splatter of redness upon the sky of Egypt

The deserts of Egypt

Off I go. Chasing you, and the sun, beyond a purple horizon… 

Written pleasures

When people fail you, words serve you best.

The past three years have turned me into a woman whose emotional satisfaction is rather fulfilled through her mental intellect.

Quote, myself.

I have a lust for books, for there’s nothing that beats the smell of these old yellow pages. Sedating.

Because any attempt to study while having Smoke around is an epic fail!