Pig Flu – Another “Global Pandemic” ?

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
Spanish flu, Bird Flu, Pig Flu, then what?? Pig flu or Swine flu is declared to be a major threat to the entire world with several thousands of cases so far.

“The new flu strain, a mixture of various swine, bird and human viruses, poses the biggest risk of a large-scale pandemic since avian flu surfaced in 1997, killing several hundred people, and a 1968 ‘Hong Kong’ flu pandemic killed about 1 million people globally.

Apparently viruses can mutate and transform into such fatal forms and strains which, We, humans, haven’t developed a natural immunity towards yet. The whole world is taking drastic measures! We’re all at risk of getting infected! Citizens in mexico are wearing surgical masks down the streets and everyone is freaking out, everyone! This reminds me of the SARS crisis that hit the world a few years back.

Here’s a tiny update as adopted from a website (www.dailymail.co.uk):

  • Pig flu virus kills up to 86 people in Mexico
  • Two people admitted to British hospital as ‘precaution’
  • Eight New York City children have ‘mild form’ of flu
  • Canada and Spain confirm first cases
  • 10 students in New Zealand ‘likely’ to be infected
  • Reports of possible cases in Israel and France
  • 1,300 others thought to have been infected
(Please God have mercy!)

As categorized by the WHO’s pandemic alert level, the virus has reached a PHASE 3 and could, very easily, reach a Phase 4 – being able to be transmitted from a human to another human by then! 2 more phases, and the Swine flu will be declared as the third “Global Pandemic” after the previous two in 1957 and 1986!!

  1. M...u know me! :D:D says:

    ur right but iam actually scared but not really making a big deal outta of it! 🙂

  2. ranasf says:

    Although it has already reached a level 5 worldwide, they say they’re able to take control over it’s spreading in mexico…(atleast that’s wut I heard a couple of days ago)
    There’s always bright side to look at lol

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